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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Last leg of the Loop! Possibly limping home.

Here is our view as we arrive in Bying Inlet.
What an adventure! Such beautiful landscape all over the Loop and the many friends we have made on this journey. After almost ten months on the Loop, the last 100 miles we had engine problems. We coasted in on one engine into Starport Marina in Port Severn. We could not get a mechanic for two weeks. Yvon did some trouble shooting with the service manager. He made a few calls, then thankfully Yvon was able to change the impellor. We left early the next morning as we were both excited to get to Britt. Georgian Bay was like a mirror and we made the 125 km journey in one day. We should have taken the beautiful small craft route but we were anxious to be home. We arrived without a hitch early afternoon. It's nice to see familiar faces and to be in our homeport. Here's a highlight of our trip. In the last year, we saw so many beautiful places from a unique perspective that the waterfront offers. We experienced so many new adventures including our photo session in front of the Statue of Liberty and the arch of St. Louis.
We had a taste of local culture and cuisine throughout the USA and the Bahamas in so many restaurants. We learnt of the different boating styles by experiencing tides, slack tides, salt water, river currents and shifting sands. Knowing the seconds between the waves before venturing out. Sharing space with commercial traffic, sailboats and kayaks. Travelling in major waterways, small canals, numerous locks of all shapes and sizes. Relaxing in luxury marinas, or soso marinas and tying three deep on old barges all for the same price. The joys of anchoring beside mega yachts, derelic boats or runaway boats. We learnt to respect the weather forecast more then just looking at the top of trees and at the clouds. We met many people along the way. We met European boaters, some Australians and a couple who are just a few hours from us. Some were experienced boaters and many novice ones. They were all enjoying the same adventure in their own way. We made lifelong friends along the way, even a soul sister. We relied on total strangers for some much appreciated guidance along the way.
Last August, we left our home port with our hometown friends, they on their boat. We travelled for almost ten months with them. It was wonderful to share this adventure with close friends. At times we were probably the blind, leading the blind. We met people who could not believe that we were still cordial after all this time. This made us realize how special our friendship is. Sadly, we left our friends on Lil Hide Away in Trenton. We already miss them and we are awaiting their arrival. Then we can celebrate together the crossing of our Wake. Because of the late start in the season, arriving feels like we were just gone for the winter. Boats are just being launched, the diehard fishermen are out fishing. But Brooke and others were there to catch our lines and Fred to take this picture. It's official and we have witnesses. Our burgee turned to gold.
We've had to reset our radar for rocks! It is nice to be home! And to appreciate this beautiful part of North America. Having travelled the Loop, we have met so many Gold Loopers who have visited and praised our Wright's marina and Georgian Bay.
We made friends with Loopers who know our marina owners. And we travelled with these friends on and off for several weeks. II AT C Dan and Maggie are good friends now. We also said our goodbyes in Trenton but we will see them again. Sooner then later.
We are anxious to spend the summer on our playground. If you haven't seen Georgian Bay, we highly recommend you spend time in our backyard.
It's sad to stop after travelling so long. I feel like a little kid who has been playing outside but now it's time to come in. Who wants to stop playing? Where is our next adventure? We've had surprises and let downs but overall it is an adventure that we would repeat. Not tomorrow but a few years down the road. This is what the complete Loop can look like.